Waiting Room of New Location
Waiting Room of New Location
Diagnostics Bench
Second Location Now Open:
Stereo Rehab
1324 W. Devon Ave. (Side Entrance)
Chicago, IL 60660
773-765-4236 phone

Hours: Friday & Saturday 12pm-8pm
Mon-Thur: By Appointment Only

Stereo Rehab, the service division of Custom Audio Engineering, serves the audio community exclusively. Our wide range of services include everything from basic maintenance and cleaning, to complete restorations and everything in-between. 

We are constantly hearing from new customers about their experiences with far too many "repair" shops around Chicago, and those abroad share similar accounts. These people are taking their units in, and the original problem never seems to be corrected. They wait weeks and weeks, sometimes months… just to get their unit back not working properly, missing parts, or even damaged. They then have to keep going back, with more disappointment. These customers are grossly over-charged for poor service initially, then disregarded as soon as the payment is made.

It seems, to us at least, that there is no actual appreciation for the equipment, and even less in providing  proper service to the users of the equipment. That is what differentiates us from most places. We are users of the same gear, we do not just see it as work, or a way to make a living. Audio is all we do, and we do it RIGHT. 

Efficient and timely service is what we offer. We keep ourselves fully stocked in parts, and do not let things back up, which allows us to turn units around in 3-6 days on average. In emergency cases, units can be returned completed with the exact same level of service in 24-48 hours, even on weekends.
We also offer customers a very comprehensive, high resolution photo record of all service performed on their specific unit from start to finish on CD or USB thumb drive. This is often requested by re-sellers and flippers for proof of service in their own sale beyond a generic invoice. 

Once a unit is completed, a friendly call from us lets you know it is ready. You never have to wonder what the status is. The final product is a properly operating piece, on time when promised, clean and ready to be placed back into your system with absolute confidence in performance. All service on all equipment is done correctly the first time, every time. THAT is the difference.


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