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In the very early 1980s, the need for quality, reliable and consistent service in electronics was recognized by Casper Yardely whom would later go on to form CAE. Casper was trained as an apprentice from the age of 9 at a very busy shop that serviced everything from TVs, to HiFi and HVAC. It began by just hanging around lending a hand whilst visiting his grandmothers home, to being there daily after school. Casper's interest has always been in audio, and that is where he focused his training. The early days were spent servicing equipment under the guidance of a veteran technician who started in the mid 1950s. 

During Casper's 14 years working for this accomplished technician, he began his formal education in electronic engineering. In 1993, CAE was established, and the same standards of proper service that were handed down during his formative years are still maintained. Today, 34 years later, Casper continues to provide excellent service with better than expected turn around time (averaging 3-5 days). Audio is still his specialty as it was decades ago. Parts and service stock is maintained and invested in, so that customers can enjoy using their equipment, and never have to  wait weeks or months for it to be completed. The following is a few of Casper thoughts regarding the service industry:

Over the years I have worked with, and in some cases for a variety of HiFi stores and service facilities. Many are still around and I still work with them, but some have gone under. The ones that still are do very good work, and the ones that went under often had a common shortcoming. They didn't care about the customers, they would lie to them when they called asking about their gear, make them wait and wait with excuses, or would just completely blow them off and the customer would eventually give up trying to contact them. In particular, this one place here in Chicago by Western Ave. and Lawrence Ave. was one of the worst offenders. This guy ruined so many peoples equipment beyond reasonable repair, created a bad taste in peoples mouths, and often outright stole their gear which really tarnished the image people have of repair shops. I feel bad for this guy, but it was by his own hand that he cut his throat. He's not the only one. So many places do sloppy work just to get the dollar and get the next person in, and when the unit comes back because of their carelessness, they don't even honour their own warranty. What it all comes down to is treat people kindly, and do your work right. Its your own reputation, and it needs to be built upon and valued. This is what has earned us countless referrals and has maintained our name. Temporary gains in money mean nothing when no one calls or comes in any more because of bad experiences.

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