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You are welcome to view HUNDREDS of start to finish images on numerous different projects such as tube and solid-state receivers and amplifiers to classic open reel decks and cassette decks, tuners, complete re-coning procedures, unusual requests from customers, custom one-of-a-kind builds and all sorts of other things. Just use the following link:

Here is a brief example of a saturday afternoon project for a customer. They brought in a ratty looking console pull, and we did a complete overhaul and custom finish for them per their request. It is an RCA RS-199C stereo single ended EL-84 power amp:

Its original condition

The internals


The empty chassis before the chemical dip

The filthy top showing stained metal

After complete cleaning and resurfacing, our hammer tone paint

Our new internals, maintaining original topology with refinements

Another view

And the finished product

They loved it, and picked it up the following monday. There is so much more to see here:

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